How to present
the product  ?


As a natural and organic lubricant that respects
the integrity, acidity and osmolarity of your mucosa.


As a moisturizing intimate lubricant specially developed
for people allergic to glycerin and glycols.


 As a completely odourless and colourless algae lubricant
formulated with over 99% natural ingredients,
66% of which are organic.


•As an iso-osmotic lubricant that promotes lubrication,
moisturises your mucous membranes
and relieves discomfort.


 As the first French natural, organic,
vegan lubricant with algae.


As a guarantee that your mucous membranes
are protected, hydrated and perfectly preserved.



What are
the benefits ?

avantages produits


1. Provides healthy, long-lasting and natural lubrication.

2. Moisturises, soothes and protects the intimate mucosa.

3. Minimises the risk of discomfort and allergic reactions.

4. Preserves the health of your mucous membranes for a long time.

5. Based on natural and organic ingredients.


What are its characteristics ?


Made in FRANCE.


No incidents on vaginal ph or pelvic health.

gyneco teste

Suitable for all types of skin: Normal, oily, dry or with an atypical tendency.

gyneco teste

Respect of the osmotic balance (160mOsm/kg)

gyneco teste

Tested under gynecological or dermatological control.

compatible sextoy

Compatible with condoms.

comatible sextoy

Compatible with sex toys.


Glycerin-free, glycol-free, silicone-free, soap-free, dye-free, mineral oil-free, GMO-free, paraben-free, allergen-free and estrogen-free.


Natural texture and identical to vaginal secretions.


Pleasant on the palate and without added aroma.


Enriched with cosmetic active ingredients: 4 seaweeds from France


Fragrance free: completely odorless formula.


Respect of physiological PH.


Vegan formula, not tested on animals.


Colorless texture.


Does not stain, does not stick, does not leave any residue.


Without spermicide.

How to
prove it ?

of women agree that natural algae lubricant nourishes,
moisturises and softens the external genital mucosa.


of women agree that natural algae lubricant does not irritate
the intimate area and gives a natural feeling of well-being.


of women agree that natural algae lubricant has a pleasant texture
and fragrance.


of the women agree that the natural algae lubricant has
a lubricating effect and a feeling of comfort in the intimate area


of the women would like to continue using it and would
buy it after this test.



Based on a 21-day clinical and gynaecological evaluation conducted by an independent laboratory from 29/06/2021 to 22/07/2021 in 24 female volunteers



What are
the ingredients ?

actifs cosmetiques


ingredients of organic origin

ingredients of natural origin

According to ISO 16128, excluding water.





  • CARRAGEENAN - Red seaweed extracts

Carrageenan is a natural cosmetic active ingredient obtained from the extraction of edible and organic red seaweed and whose water retention properties help to naturally gel aqueous solutions and bring "silicone like" softness and smoothness to our intimate lubricant. Carrageenan helps boost the natural production of hyaluronic acid in the vaginal epithelium to moisturise, stimulate and promote skin healing. Its enzymes, fatty acids, amino acids and vitamins also form a real revitalising cocktail for your mucous membranes. Carrageenan is also known to reduce the transmission of HPV (Human Papillomavirus) by acting as a natural barrier to prevent the virus from attaching to human cells. The virus transmitted during sexual intercourse can cause cervical cancer and genital warts in women. However, clinical trials are needed before this product can be recommended as an HPV inhibitor.


  • ASCOPHYLLUM NODOSUM - Seaweed extracts Black gull

Ascophyllum Nodosum is a brown seaweed harvested on the North Atlantic coast. The richness in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants of ascophyllum is particularly recommended as a maintenance agent to hydrate, refresh and soften the mucous membrane by replenishing missing minerals thanks to its positive action on cell renewal.


  • PALMARIA PALMATA - Dulse seaweed extracts

Palmaria palmata is known as "dulse" and is widely used as a protective agent, as this seaweed moisturises and calms irritated or heated skin caused by environmental stimuli such as panties, sanitary towels, non-lubricated condoms or rough sex. Palmaria palmata seaweed is characterised by its richness in proteins, vitamins and minerals, which regulates the flow and promotes the elimination of toxins that cause discomfort.


  • UNDARIA PINNATIFIDA - Wakame seaweed extracts

Harvested from the Atlantic Ocean and originating from Japan, Undaria Pinnatifida, more commonly known as "wakame", is a seaweed rich in omega-3, potassium, calcium and also vitamins. Wakame is used in the YESforLOV intimate lubricant for its anti-inflammatory, soothing, softening and revitalising properties. This brown seaweed is a real elixir of youth for weakened mucous membranes.




How to test 
the product ?


With the fingers:   

  • Apply a drop of intimate lubricant.
  • Gently massage the gel between your thumb and index finger.
  • Enjoy the gliding comfort and sensory characteristics.
  • Rub for a few minutes.
  • Offer a towel after the demonstration, but don't forget to mention that this lubricant does not stick or dry out.
  • Continue your sales pitch by explaining that this lubricant has the advantage of respecting the osmolarity of your mucous membranes and does not cause any allergic reaction or symptoms synonymous with discomfort.
  • Once the sale is made, offer them the YESforLOV CBD concentrate.




With a silicone toy:

  • Let them touch the silicone of the sex-toy without lubricant, you will see that it grips, it rubs and it is not very sensual.
  • Explain to them why to use a lubricant with a toy and which lubricant to use, i.e. a water-based lubricant and preferably one with seaweed.
  • Have them touch the silicone toy again but this time with the YESforLOV lubricant.
  • Show them how slippery, soft and comfortable it is.


How to sell the product ? 


1. Ask questions :  

  • Do the lubricants you use every day tend to sting, irritate or burn ? 
 If so, you are probably allergic to glycerine, so let me introduce you to the first certified glycol-free seaweed intimate lubricant.
  • Are you sensitive or prone to discomfort or mycotic episodes ? If so, I recommend a glycol-free lubricant that respects the acidity of your vaginal microbiota and its osmotic balance.
  • Do you want a classic lubricant or one with moisturising and soothing properties ? Preferably natural, I presume ? Without glycerine or silicone ?
  • Did you know that it is much more comfortable to use a lubricant during lovemaking or when using a sex-toy? I recommend YESforLOV French lubricants and more particularly the newcomer in the range.
  • Are you familiar with iso-osmotic lubricants ? These are lubricants that are formulated to enter into perfect osmosis with your mucous membranes. I strongly recommend them...




2. Explain to them the importance and benefits
of using a glycerin-free iso-osmotic intimate lubricant :

  • Did you know that many intimate lubricants have an osmolarity often 3 times higher than that recommended by the WHO, which in the short and medium term causes undesirable effects on the vaginal epithelium such as vaginal dryness and an increased rate of cell death. To preserve the health of your mucous membranes, I recommend a lubricant with an osmolarity of less than 380 mOsm /kg such as the YESforLOV natural algae lubricant. Want to know more ? Read our article on the importance of osmolarity in intimate lubricants.




3. Informe them about the risks of using the wrong lubricant :

  • This product will be in contact with your intimate mucous membranes, i.e. inside you. To minimise the risk of allergies and disturbances of your vaginal flora, which can lead to itching, mycosis and other sources of irritation, I recommend that you choose the best lubricant, and for me it is this one, a French lubricant tested under gynaecological control which respects the health of your mucous membranes, i.e. with an adapted ph and an osmolarity close to that of the vaginal epithelium (the mucous membrane which lines the inner wall of the vagina) and natural and organic ingredients.






4. Present them our clients:

  • Natural and organic enthusiasts.
  • People with allergies to glycerine and glycols.
  • Sensitive women who are often exposed to mycotic episodes and intimate dryness.
  • Those who want the best for their intimacy.