How to present
the product ?


As an exquisite
massage oil which is
also an intimate lube



As a lubricant to play,
suitable for massage
and penetration





As a long lasting lube,
a scented lube
or a 2 in 1


What are
the benefits ?

avantages produits


1. Multipurpose: perfect for massages, penetration or intercourses in the shower.

2. Long lasting; facilitates and provides more comfort to intercourse.

3. Provides a sensory touch, a soft and smooth sensation (non-greasy).

4. Slightly scented < 1% to not harm mucous membranes.



What are its characteristics ?


Made in FRANCE.

gyneco teste

Tested under gynecological or dermatological control.

compatible sextoy

Compatible with condoms.


Without coloring, without mineral oil, without GMO, without paraben.


A versatile texture for massage & penetration.


With a bewitching scent: a unisex, consensual floral fragrance for all ages.


Vegan formula, not tested on animals.


Colorless texture.


Does not stain, does not stick, does not leave any residue.


Without spermicide.

What are the
ingredients ?

actifs cosmetiques






  • 100% Silicone

A combination of two high quality silicones to amplify the slipperyu sensation during the massage and to assure the longest and finest lubrication.


  • A bewitching scent

A bewitching scent with sweet and floral notes (white tea, vanilla, thanaka wood and frangipani flower).



How to test 
the product ?


With the hands:   

  • Put a pat of product in your customer’s hand.
  • Rub your hand as if you were washing them with soap.  
  • Make them notice the slippery sensation, a silky coating, just as cashmere, a very soft and non-greasy touch. 
  • Finish with the smell : delicate, soft, discreet, heady as monoi and vanilla.  






How to sell the product ? 


1. Ask questions :  

  • Would you like a massage oil you can also use a lube ?
  • Would like a lube you can also use for massages and foreplays ?
  • Are more into massage & relaxation or massage & penetration ?
  • Do you intend to use your oil massage on your partner’s erogenous areas ?
  • Would you like an odourless or slightly perfumed lube ?
  • Do you know that it is not recommended to use massage oils during penetration ?
  • Do you know that, for safety, it is not recommended to use a massage oil on the erogenous areas ?




2.  Explain the difference
of this product
with a dry oil :

  • You can do tantric massages all over the body.
  • The product can safely be appplied on the intimate areas and on the internal and external mucous membranes.
  • You can use the product as a lube while wearing a condom.
  • Massages are longer and naughtier.




3. Explain how to use
the product :

  • During intercourses : It makes them more comfortable reducing frictions (causing irritations).
  • During exercise : This intimate gel can also be used furing your sport in order to protect your skin from frictions and heating from clothes ( Biking, hiking,running …)       
  • As a hair care : the all over massage lubricant will also make your hair straight and shiny. It will help you to disentangle your hair. Using it before drying will protect your hair from the heat and after to protect from outside aggressions.        
  • On a day-to-day basis, to put your narrow outfits on more easily since it does not stain.



Differences between 
lubes :

Explained by Ava Oiknin
Clinical sexologist 


Water based lubricants:


  • Long lasting lubrication.
  • Usage: vaginal or anal penetration.
  • Protection and hydration of mucous membranes.
  • Natural sensations.
  • Compatible with condoms and sex toys.

Silicon based lubricants:


  • Very long lasting lubrication.
  • Usage: massage and penetration.
  • Fluid texture.
  • Slippery sensation.
  • Compatible with condoms.