Why selling 
rather than
another brand ?


Our products are high quality and used regularly.


  • You can be sure the customer will be happy with the product and his visit in the shop.
  • Taking care of your customers is profitable in the long term.
  • You increase your chances of sales and restock in the near future.
  • You create customer loyalty : the customer will come back in your shop for the brand and for your shrewd advices.

Retail prices are higher and recommended retail prices are respected.


  • You increase the average basket and the turnover at the same time.
  • You can be sure the customer won’t find the same product cheaper somewhere else.

YESforLOV products are available from official resellers only.


  • You increase the chances to turn a customer into a regular. 
  • You avoid competition with market places like Amazon.


Because YESforLOV is your favourite brand!


  • You are trained by our product managers.
  • You can offer free samples to your customers.
  • You take part in the creation of new products.
  • You get free products every time the YESforLOV team visits you.

Because YESforLOV is beautiful and attractive !


  • Your shop is well laid out, with an elegant visual identity.

YESforLOV needs you !


  • We need you : without you, our brand would not exist.