How to persuade
your customer ?

Each customer is unique, it's up to you to understand what motivates the purchase



What are they looking for ?



Security ? 

Your customers need to be reassured.
They’re looking for intimate high-quality cosmetics.

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Pride ?

Your customers want to be flattered.
They’re searching for refined, sophisticated and top-end products for their intimate life.

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Novelty ? 

Your customers need to spice up their love life.
They are looking for original and innovative products.

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Comfort ? 

Your customers need practicality.
They’re looking for easy to use products.

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Money ? 

Your customers need profitability.
They want to spend little for products with a good price-quality ratio.

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Trust ? 

Your customers need your help.
 They are looking for products you use for yourself daily.

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Environmentally ? 

Your customers need to consume in a responsible way.
 In an eco-aware approach, they are looking for organic and naturel products.

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