The vision of 

Our vision:

Our vision is to reconcile you with a life that is both intimate and erotic. We want to stimulate new habits and new ways of consuming for a pleasure always more renewed and refined in order to explore a more complicit, creative and sensual sexuality.

Dedicated to the Art of lov,
Partner of your pleasure,
Responsible of your sexuel wellbeing.

The mission of 

Our mission:

Reinventing the sexual wellbeing and products related to sexuality and intimate care through innovative products, advice without taboo and a demand for quality never reached: the must of hedonism ... 

The most demanding brand of intimate pleasure.

The promise of  

Our promise: 

Inspire your senses on a daily basis, encourage everyone to break with repetition, awaken the magic and celebrate together the unparalleled pleasure of love.

Your invitation to be in love.

The values of 

The french art of love
Pleasure, Sensuality, Romanticism, Passion


Expert in sexual well-being
Comfort, Innovation, Efficiency, French Know-how


Emotion, Refinement, Sensitivity, Connivance


Safe to use
Integrity, Trust, Quality, Transparent