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In one sentence...


  • YESforLOV is a french and high-end chic cosmetics brand exclusively dedicated to pleasure and intimate well-being.
  • YESforLOV is dedicated to pleasure and sexual well-being. The Intimate cosmetics with specific formulas, all medically tested and made in France.
  • YESforLOV, ultra-sophisticated made in France cosmetics, incredibly sensual before, during and after sex.
  • YESforLOV, pleasure and intimate cares, hypoallergenic and made in France.

In a few words...


  • YESforLOV, the sensual cosmetic par excellence.
  • YESforLOV, the ultimate reference of intimate cosmetic.
  • YESforLOV, the DIOR-style pleasure, the CLARINS-style intimacy.




The official

YESforLOV is an upmarket french brand, redefining products linked to sexuality and intimate care for more than 13 years. The refined products and the specific formulas are the result of an extensive research, at the cutting edge of technology.

In the words of the founder...


  • YESforLOV is a french cosmetic of excellence serving all the lovers.
  • YESforLOV is entirely made in France, this cosmetics line invites you to enhance the preparation, the blossoming and the shared games of love.
  • YESforLOV, at root of pleasure there is a shivering skin… So this brand is reinventing love.
  • YESforLOV, is a french brand full of sensuality, demanding high-quality products which come from an extensive research, at the cutting edge of technology.

About numbers...




  • Experts in intimate cosmetic for over 13 years.
  • Selling more than 300 000 products every year.
  • More than 35 products dedicated to intimate well-being.

About rewards...


  • 2011 Victories of Beauty (rewarded product : massage oil with frightening scent).
  • 2009 Beyond Beauty Awards (rewarded the most innovative brand).
  • Certified in 2009 by CRITT - Ile de France for its innovation.